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Adaptive Easter Egg Hunt - Spring of 2023

In spring, 2023, The Envision Foundation will host its first Adaptive Easter Egg Hunt for Blind and Vision Impaired children. There will be age grouped egg hunts for children who are totally blind and those with low vision. Blind children will have the opportunity to use their cane skills to find beeping Easter eggs, while low vision students search for traditional eggs attached to floating balloons. There will even be traditional egg hunts for the siblings of blind or vision impaired students who attend the event.

How you can Help

Donate your time on the day of the event by helping with setup, registering participants, assisting children during the hunts, and cheering them on! (Late March or early April)
Donate beeping Easter eggs. These eggs are a bit expensive but are reusable for future egg hunts.
Donate wrapped Easter candy
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