Using the power of visual media to help young people change their world.

The Envision Foundation is an international non-profit organization that empowers young people to become involved in, and contribute to, their communities and the world through photography and digital media.

A main goal of the organization is to support young people in defining local needs and issues, and assist them in creating possible solutions. Participants in our program can share their vision, experiences and solutions with their peers, the leaders of their communities and the world - online, as well as through exhibitions, events and print publications. By sharing their stories, young people will visualize themselves as part of a global community.

The Envision Foundation provides young people with vital skills in visual and digital media, which prepares them to tell the stories of their own lives and their community. Dedicated to building future leaders, The Envision Foundation believes in the ability of young people to contribute to their community and the world.

Current program:

Programs are underway in: The United States, Haiti and China.